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Everyone should take a hard look at Marine Protection Act

Article from the Times-Standard on the Marine Protection Act

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Fishermen feeling pinch of water policy

Another article about people vs. fish – Fishermen feeling pinch of water policy

The Faces of California Fishing notes that fishing is about people.  Fishing supports coastal communities and provides consumers with fresh, local seafood.  It’s not a “fish” it is the entire economy in small coastal towns.

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The Faces of California Fishing will be at Salmon Aid!

Salmon Aid  June 20-21 at Jack London Square in Oakland

Along with the Central Coast Women for Fisheries, The Faces of California Fishing will be hosting the children’s activities at Salmon Aid. Children can explore with a hands on gear and fish display, make a fish necklace, create their own ocean with stamp art and listen to specially selected Children’s entertainment.  bring your children by to learn about the commercial fishing world.

Check out this article on fish vs. water in the Sacramento Bee – “Agribusiness puts subsidized crops ahead of people”

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The Faces of California Fishing’s New Brochure

Check out The Faces of California Fishing’s New Brochure – Includes recipes

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Check out our photo archive

Check out hundreds for photos that tell the real story of California fishermen and seaood on The Faces of California Fishing  photo archive

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On California’s Coast, Farewell to the King Salmon

Smithsonian Magazine wrote a great article on the plight of salmon and commercial fishermen.  To read the article click here.  The Faces of California Fishing Lori French spoke with the reporter about California fishermen and salmon.

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A fisherman’s perspective

Read this great opinion piece from Ben Platt on commercial fishing in Fort Bragg.

With the devastating closure of the 2008 salmon season, consumers looking for healthy, local seafood can turn to albacore tuna. 

 The Faces of California Fishing, an initiative to promote the real stories and people behind California’s fishing communities, urges consumers to support our fishing heritage and get quality fish by eating safe, fresh local seafood.  But, with the 2008 closure of the West Coast salmon season, consumers don’t have as many options.  One great option for seafood lovers looking for other varieties of local fish to serve their families is Pacific Albacore, the troll-caught tuna rated as a “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.  Pacific Albacore might just be a silver lining in the black cloud of our salmon closures.  Wild Pacific Albacore is caught in temperate waters off Washington, Oregon and California from now until late October.  This low-impact method – where small, barbless hooks are used to catch albacore one at a time – is healthy, local and sustainable.

Albacore is high in heart-healthy Omega 3s, with a firm texture and a mild flavor.  The troll-caught wild Pacific Albacore is sold in loins (ranging from 8 – 32 oz) and smaller medallions, as well as premium custom-canned.  A ready supply of wild Pacific Albacore sells for around $6 per pound for loins. 

Albacore is easy to prepare and perfect for grilling, broiling, smoking, barbecuing or as sushi.  It is an ideal fish for those who do not like the “fishy taste” of some fish, and children love it. 

The flavor of a light teriyaki basted, grilled wild Pacific Albacore loin has made fish lovers out of the biggest skeptics at the Annual Morro Bay Harbor Festival for years. 

Another great recipe featured on The Faces of California Fishing website is Medallions of Albacore Wrapped in Bacon.

Many American fishermen have started high end, top quality small canning operations for their Albacore.  This is not the old tuna sandwich our moms put in our lunch boxes.  To learn more and to purchase these premium products go to

 To learn more about supporting California fishing communities and get seafood recipes, visit

A special report by David Sneed features community efforts to preserve fishing heritage, including a profile of The Faces of California Fishing.  To read the article click here.

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