Posted by: facescafish | September 28, 2009

Visit the Faces of California Fishing at the Morro Bay Harbor Festival

The Faces of California Fishing will be tabling at the Morro Bay Harbor Festival October 3-4 along with the Central Coast Women for Fisheries.  Our displays will include even more great pictures, children’s activities such as the popular “fish prints”, fish necklaces, fresh fish display and a fishing gear display. 

We are also joining forces for the Great Agventure where 4th graders from San Luis Obispo County are invited to learn where their food comes from at the Paso Robles Fairgrounds.  This event is on October 7.

Check out last year’s article on the Great Agventure in the Paso Robles Press.



  1. Fishing continues to be a favorite pastime in the United States, in 2001, 16% of the U.S. population 16 years old and older (34 million anglers) spent an average of 16 days fishing. Freshwater fishing was the most popular type of fishing with over 28 million anglers devoting nearly 467 million angler-days to the sport.

  2. […] Original post by The Faces of California Fishing Weblog […]

  3. I’d like to have seen that – did it go well?

  4. The Harbor Festival was amazing and all the fishing groups in the community really came together. Thanks for your interest.

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